Our vision

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” Humankind has always followed this ideology to counter the problems arising in the day to day lifestyle. Newer technologies are implemented to make life efficient, healthier and comfortable. The spread of the right ideas and principles, along with a thorough knowledge about the hurdles encountered, is essential for proper application of such technologies.
Our theme GenVision is an endeavour to envisage and broaden the horizons of core research as well as industrial applications, with the development of awareness about issues of paramount importance in the current scenario.
GenVision, the two-day voyage of intellect, navigates through the enlightening competitions intermingled with light-hearted cruises of creativity and fun.
The discussions with a panel of proficient scientists and efficient industrialists will open up novel avenues for a better future. GenVision aims to encompass the scientific approach with a philosophical understanding of “What lies within us” which is capable of driving a plethora of reactions with our environment.
Let us all embark on a trek together to explore the landscapes within…..